Twitelection – Twit Was Inevitable Really


We suspect this will be one of many ‘tw-opinion’ polls that use twitter to predict how the nation is feeling about the election, how people plan to vote and ultimately the outcome. 

Twitelection invites users not just to name a party but to use  happy or sad face to express sentiment or emotion in relation to the main parties. It also needs the hashtag #ukvote and of course the name of the party.  There is an option to include postcode information that could be used in conjunction with constituency mapping to predict the outcome in marginal constituencies.

Over time it shows how the twelectorate (Ok that’s enough….ed) are feeling about the parties rather than simply how they will vote. Twitelection Voting Rules

At present there aren’t quite the volume of tweets out there to make this a meaningful assessment of real changes attitude to the party but it is early days and as the campaign and the tweets ramp up it could become part of our daily election stat diet.

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