Channel 4’s Cathy Newman Takes “Break From Twitter” After Mosque Tweets

Broadcaster Cathy Newman hit the headlines after she tweeted on Sunday to say that “ushered out of” the South London Islamic Centre in Streatham.

She had was taking part in Visit My Mosque day and said afterwards that she believed it must have been a men-only mosque, but was not made aware of this at the time.  CCTV footage shows Newman leaving on her own after speaking to someone inside the mosque.

Today she announced her decision to break from Twitter as a result of the controversy.

@cathynewman1/4 I have written to South London Islamic Centre and offered my sincere apologies for tweets sent in haste after I visited there in error.

@cathynewman 2/4 I accept my tweets were inappropriate and regret the use of the word “ushered”.

@cathynewman 3/4 My language was poorly chosen and has caused a great deal of offence. I deeply regret that this happened.

‏@cathynewman 4/4 I shall now be taking a break from Twitter.

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