Channel Four Imagines a UKIP Victory

Channel 4 airs ‘UKIP: The First 100 Days’ at 9pm tomorrow night (Monday 16 February). It imagines what would happen in the event of a UKIP government after May’s election.

The docudrama uses real footage of Farage and UKIP activists to tell an imagined story of a UKIP victory. Farage smokes in the back of a limousine heading to Downing Street to become Britain’s new Prime Minister.  Controversial former Tory MP Neil Hamilton is installed as deputy Prime Minister.  Within three months, the nation is on the brink of collapse with race riots and the UK preparing to pull out of the EU.

UKIP is furious. One insider said “this is typical of the poppycock peddled by the public-school educated lefties who run Channel 4 and large chunks of the media. The idea that this is what would happen is simply preposterous.”