The LibDems Play it For Laughs

Of the three parties that have dominated politics in the UK for the last century, it is the Liberal Democrats that seen their support collapse in the run up to the current election.  They believed that in joining a coalition they would see more sunlight and their credibility would rise. In truth it took just months for their share of support in the nation to fall from 23% at the election to less than 10%.

Their support has bumped along at around 8% and no-one has been paying them much attention.  With the new nationalist kids from UKIP and the SNP now on the block, they just haven’t been getting the airtime.

Whether its desparation for attention or a genuine strategy the LibDems have been  playing the election for laughs in the last few days.   When Grant Shapps hit the spolight for allegedly tampering with Wikipedia the Lib Dems put out a press release from Paddy Ashdown saying “Grant is a wonderful guy – he is a credit to the Conservative Party …and if, like me, you have been lucky enough to meet him, you know you have been touched by greatness. Quite simply, a colossus.”  Nick Clegg also suggested that it might have been Michael Green (an alias Shapps has used in the past) that was responsible for the edits.

At the weekend when Cameron forgot which football team he supported the LibDems created an Error 404 page that said “Just like David Cameron’s loyalty to Aston Villa, this page does not exist.

Error 404

It’s a good gag, but maybe not enough to turn the tide.