Eye Spy with my Little MP

Eye Spy MP is a twitter account that grasses up MPs.  It is a crowd sourced project that let’s anyone tweet anonumously via @eyespymp (that’s right it does read like eyes pymp) whenever they chance up on MP doing whatever they are doing. 

It’s anonymous because you email your MP spots to tweet@EyeSpy.MP with the details in the subject line.  This is then tweeted by the account.  Ingenious.  Launched just a day ago we’ve had John Prescott on the train to Hull, George Osbourne taking tea in Portcullis House and Eric Pickles eating doughnuts.  Not revolutionary stuff but it’s early days and there’s potential.  

A similar twitter account called Parliament Spy appeared briefly before disappearing into the ether with the allegation that the source’s may have been open to compromise. Eye Spy is apparently more secure. It may be the work of the ill-fated Parliament Spy or not.  Perhaps those wot know might like to comment?

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