Ianucci’s Tough Tweets for Tony Blair

Barrister Philippe Sands has cooked up a series of questions for ex-PM Tony Blair as he prepares to face the Chilcot Enquiry into the war on Iraq.  They were published Guardian.co.uk yesterday.  Creator of ‘The Thick of It’ and “hard man of political satire” Armando Iannucci has shrink wrapped them and is using twitter, where he has over 34,000 followers, to publish them.  So far he is up to three out of ten and the are gritty to sat the least.

10 Qs for T Blair. No1:Was regime change an aim? Campbell diary Apr 2nd ’02 records you said it was, tho’ Straw agrees that aim is illegal.

Q2 for TB: Advisor Manning records Jan23 ’03 yr support for Bush even if no UNvote. Mar ’03 you tell House of C no decision taken. Explain.

Q3 to Tony Blair: On Sep 24th ’02, you told Commons Saddam could get nuke ‘within a year or two.’ No intel ever claimed this. Explain.

It remains to be seen whether Chilcot is as tough on Tony as the man who co-created Alan Partidge (albeit with the help of a leading QC).

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