Date of the 2010 Election – Britain’s Worst Kept Secret


We all know that the UK General Election will be on May 6th.  Defense Secretary Bob Ainsworth gave the game away on Sky News in January when he said: “I think the British public will wake up and rue the day if they wind up with a Conservative government in charge of this country after May 6.  Chris Bryant, the Europe Minister, mentioned the same date a few weeks earlier.

Now it seems that the Labour party has begun printing leaflets with the date.  In a gaffe of spectacular proportions the leaflets are being printed at a press that Labour shares with the SWP.  According to Brendan Montague at, the SWP has told its members “the General Election will be on the 6 May – how do we know? One of the printers we use is at this very moment printing millions of Labour leaflets with the date on!”

Now of course we might be seeing a series of carefully orchestrated faux ‘leaks’ designed to throw the opposition, however that would require a level of strategic consideration that has been noticable by its absence at senior levels within the Labour Party of late.  May the 6th it is then.

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