One Hundred Days to Go

We the enter final 100 days in the run up to the 2015 UK general election.  It will be unlike any other election in history, not least because we know that it will be on May 7.

For over a 100 years we’ve had a maximum term of five years but few parliaments actually lasted that long. Before the current coalition government introduced the Fixed Term Parliament Act an election could be called with as little as 17 working days notice following the dissolution of the Parliament by the Queen. A typical election campaign lasted just a month and usually the incumbent Prime Minister chooses to call a general election at a time when they believed they have a lead in the polls or a comparative  advantage.

It will also be the most complex and unpredictable election in modern history. The combined Tory and Labout vote is lower than it has been since 1922 the first election in the UK and Norther Ireland (after the Irish Republic came into being).

With the Green Party, UKIP and the SNP all gaining increased support the next 100 days will see an election campaign like no other.



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