Where’s Clegg? LibDem Well Leader Behind in Search Poll

Nick Clegg seems to have dropped off the popular political agenda according to Google Trends.

The service is a is a fascinating way of finding out what people are interested in over any given period.  Based on Google Search, the Trends site shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume. It also allows comparisons between search terms.  Entering the names of the five main party leaders produces some interesting results.

Google Trends
Click for larger image

Cameron is way out in front which is not too surprising for a sitting PM.  Nigel Farage is a good second place suggesting that the media obsession with the UKIP leader is reflected in public interest (chicken or egg?) Miliband is a poor third but the Deputy PM is neck and neck with Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett, someone with up until now a profile so low it was almost invisible.  Although over the whole of January there have been more searches for Clegg, in recent days the Green leader appears to be overtaking him.  That’s a worrying trend for the LibDem leader.

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