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Trump Russia Investigation Points to Europe

Paul Manafort, who is investigating Russian interference in the United States presidential election yesterday accused Trump’s former campaign chairman, of secretly paying former European officials to lobby for the pro-Russian Ukraine government.

In 2012 and 2013 Paul Manafort and his colleague Rick Gates used offshore accounts to pay more than two million Euros to the group of former politicians the indictment says.  The plan was to “assemble a small group of high-level European highly influential champions and politically credible friends who can act informally and without any visible relationship with the Government of Ukraine.”

In March 2014 in a TV debate with then Deputy PM Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage said that the European Union had “blood on its hands” over the armed coup that ousted pro-Russia Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich the previous month.  Just a few days later, he named Putin as the leader he most admired and said EU leaders were “weak and vain”, adding “If you poke the Russian bear with a stick he will respond.”

During that time Nigel Farage also made multiple appearances on Russia Today, the state sponsored news channel.

Last summer it was reported that Farage was as a “person of interest” in the FBI investigation into alleged links between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

In 2012-13 two million Euros is secretly paid to former European politicians to speak in favour of Russia’s actions in Ukraine. A few months later Nigel Farage does exactly that. At the very least that merits an investigation into the former UKIP leader’s tax affairs.

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Only one in twenty voters now say they plan to vote UKIP according to the latest YouGov poll.  If that’s right, their share has halved in the first week of the campaign and is down over 60% from the last election.  Leader Paul Nuttall has been dodging questions about whether he intends to stand as an MP this time round.

It looks very much as if the former UKippers now intend to vote Conservative, as Theresa May’s party remains on track for a landslide victory.  Just under half the electorate say the will vote for her party on June 8th.

With the main objective of UKIP being the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, it appears that post the Brexit vote they are a party without a purpose and with vanishing support.

UKIP Flight to The Tories

The Opinion Polls are clearly off again given that two polls today give the Tories 40% (Survation) and 50% (ComRes) respectively, a difference of 10%.  One thing however that we can be sure of is that the Conservatives have a big lead and that it has largely come at the expense of UKIP.  The Independence party has been steadily polling  in the mid to low teens up until now and even  reached 19%  in the run up to the referendum. It now  appears to have lost its way with  today’s ComRes polling giving Paul Nuttall’s party just 7%. Aware that interest in the party is draining a way the new leader has attempted to  grab media attention with a ‘ban the burka’ policy.

The referendum result and Theresa May’s apparent  commitment to a hard Brexit has  shot the UKIP fox.  Farage won’t stand again and even leader Paul Nuttall hasn’t committed to fighting for a seat. Last time round 13% of the vote wasn’t enough to win a single seat. Single digit support definitely won’t put a UKIP MP in the Commons.

Pub Landlord Confirms He’ll Stand Against Farage

Pub Landlord, Al Murray has confirmed his intention to stand against the beer loving UKIP leader Nigel Farage in the South Thanet constituency in the May general election.  Murray confirmed on Twitter that his nomination papers were submitted this morning (8/4/14).

The comedian will stand under the banner of the newly-formed Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP).  In a bid to win votes from beer drinking voters, he has promised to introduce the 1p pint, although “crisps will remain at the current price”. Mr Farage has vowed to quit as UKIP leader if he fails to win South Thanet, which the Conservatives won from Labour at the previous election in 2010.   Latest polls show that Nigel Farage is marginally behind in a three-cornered fight with UKIP one point behind the Conservatives and Labour one point behind them.   Whilst Murray is unlikely to win, his candidacy could be highly significant, even decisive, in a closely run race.

Channel Four Imagines a UKIP Victory

Channel 4 airs ‘UKIP: The First 100 Days’ at 9pm tomorrow night (Monday 16 February). It imagines what would happen in the event of a UKIP government after May’s election.

The docudrama uses real footage of Farage and UKIP activists to tell an imagined story of a UKIP victory. Farage smokes in the back of a limousine heading to Downing Street to become Britain’s new Prime Minister.  Controversial former Tory MP Neil Hamilton is installed as deputy Prime Minister.  Within three months, the nation is on the brink of collapse with race riots and the UK preparing to pull out of the EU.

UKIP is furious. One insider said “this is typical of the poppycock peddled by the public-school educated lefties who run Channel 4 and large chunks of the media. The idea that this is what would happen is simply preposterous.”

Play Hello Kitty with Douglas Carswell MP

UKIP’s first ever elected MP may be about to gain notoriety of a different kind based on his latest tweet to his 27,000 followers.  He has just invited them to join him in a game of Hello Kitty World.

Come play Hello Kitty World with me! Kittt

At the time of writing he hasn’t commented on his tweet but I’m sure we will get one of the following explanations:

  1. My acount was hacked
  2. My daughter was using my phone
  3. This is what happens when you let too many people into our country

We’re guessing at number 2 but whatever the explanation Carswell, as a prolific blogger who embraces digital communications, should know better.  At the time of writing it has received dozens of replies, been retweeted nearly 500 times and received 100+ favourites.

It won’t be the last social media gaffe of the election and Carswell will be adding passwords to his phone and PC, that is of course unless he does just want a game of Hello Kitty World.

UKIP’s Farage is Back on the Beer

Nigel Farage, who likes a tweet almost as much as he likes a drink, revealed on Twitter today that was enjoying a pint after being off the beer for January.

He didn’t let the grass grow under his feet posting at five minutes past midnight  “As of this moment I’m returning as a fully paid up member of the drinking classes! #dryjanuary #DryJanuaryIsOver”.

It remains to be seen whether his campaigning style will alter now that he is back on the sauce. “I am very lucky – I am a drinker, often quite a steady one. I am a boozer, but I am not an alcoholic. And that is the point”.

I Don’t Want To Be Rude Mr Farage but….

A theme is emerging in the run up to the poll and it’s not so much user generated content as user-generated poster advertising.  The airbrushed for change David Cameron mash-ups have been the most prominent but this week Nigel Farage of UKIP gets the grassroots advertising rollover treatment. is home to the poster above a riposte to Farage’s barrage of abuse directed at the Belgian-born EU President Herman van Rompuy in which he told the European leader in the EU Parliament that he had the charisma of a “damp rag” and the looks of a “low-grade bank clerk”.  The boos in the chamber have been followed by more abuse on-line for Mr Farage who also described Belgium, as “pretty much a non-country.”  Look’s like he won’t be off to Belgium in a hurry but one voter at least has told him where to go.