Where’s Alex Salmond?

Although the media can’t get enough of Nicola Sturgeon she’s not even a candidate in the General Election, in two weeks time. Yes, you heard that right, she’s not standing, but Alex Salmond is and he will be the leader of the Scottish National Party’s Westminster MPs.  There will be about 50 or so of them if the polls are to be believed. “I’m the leader of the SNP, I’ll be in charge of any decisions and negotiations and anything that happens after May 7” says Sturgeon. But she won’t be in Westminster, so Salmond, who will, must inevitably play a key role after the vote. Why then have we heard nothing from him for weeks? Have they calculated that Sturgeon won’t provoke the ire of the media in the same way Salmond might?  Alex Salmond is one of the brightest and effective politicians that the UK has seen.  Whatever the reason for his absence from the stage, you can guarantee it’s no accident.

7 thoughts on “Where’s Alex Salmond?”

  1. For the time being he is merely a prospective parliamentary candidate – he has resigned from his previous position, why should the media be interested? – Should they show interest in all prospective parliamentary candidates throughout the UK?

    1. So, Russ, why are the media so interested in Nicola Sturgeon who isn’t a candidate? It seems to that the SNP is heavily promoting someone who isn’t standing whilst hiding from view the person most likely to lead the SNP party at Westminster.

  2. Salmond is probably sitting somewhere wondering how much money he can screw out of this session. e.g perhaps another £65,000 if he leaves politics AGAIN, or it seems he did when he CLAIMED the aforementioned sum upon leaving Westminster thus leaving politics. Although I seem to recall he did that to take up the post of 1st minister of Scotland. Which evidently is a non political position ??? As that payment is for the purpose of assisting those leaving politics and has to be claimed it is not just paid out. Or he may just be counting how much he can claim in food expenses whilst in Westminster, even during the times it is in recess.

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