Can We Support a PM Who Doesn’t Know Who He Supports?

David Cameron is the PM who made Andy Coulson his Communications Director, either knowing that he was guilty of phone hacking and not caring, or not knowing.  That was a forgivable error, it seems.  He also made the schizophrenic Grant Shapps, Conservative Party Chairman; another dubious judgement call.

It transpires that there may be an even bigger issue of trust at play.  Can we vote for a PM who doesn’t remember which football team he supports?  As the campaign enters the last two weeks David Cameron tells voters that he’d “rather you supported West Ham”.  Cameron is the nephew of Sir William Dugdale former Chairman of Aston Villa Football Club and is on the record as a Villa fan.   He has even taken his son to see them.

West Ham play in similar colours to be fair, but given that the inevitable coalition negotiations that will follow the May 7 vote, can we trust a man who doesn’t know which side he’s on?

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