Both the Miliband Brothers Need to Get a Grip on Social Media


There has been much talk about David Milibands digital plans for the leadership contest,  and both brothers represent a generation that should be more web savvy.  However both need to get a better understanding and a firmer grip on the social space.

Ed Miliband was bounced into announcing his intentions early because  constituency  party member Mary Wimbury tweeted about his plans on Friday night when activists were ask to endorse his plans.  “At Doncaster north labour party. Delighted that Ed Miliband has told party members he is going to stand for party leader.”

Whilst the brothers are avid users of twitter David in particular has been dogged by fake twitter accounts. As recently as last week party members were ‘retweeting’ comments from a fake DMilibandMP.  The nature of social media is that it is difficult to regulate and manage, however the potential for campaigns to be thrown off course is real and immediate.  Therefore it is essential for the modern politician to monitor the social space and engage the expertise required to deal with both the threats and opportunities from social networks.