Adam Boulton Loses It With Alastair Campbell Live on Sky News

This extraordinary argument played out live on Sky this evening after Gordon Brown announced that he would be stepping down.  Murdoch owned Sky News hasn’t exactly established itself as a bastion of independent minded analysis during this election but the sight of the political editor of a major broadcaster being drawn into a heated exchange like this is amazing to behold.   You might almost imagine he was angry at the possibility of discussions between Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Election 10 is Staying Put – Ready for the Second 2010 Election

Logic dictates that this blog should shuffle off or transform itself into something that covers the wider issues of politics and social media, but we live in interesting times.  I think that the chances are extremely high that 2010 will see a second UK general election.

If the LibDems do a deal with the Conservatives the backlash that they will face for ‘dancing with the devil’ with no promise on voter reform will inevitably destabilise the coalition, that’s if it gets off the ground.  A Conservative minority government wouldn’t last long and a Labour/LibDem/SNP/Plaid Cymru/DUP/Green coalition would be inherently weak.   

It’s hardly a cast iron solution but another plebiscite is looking increasingly likely.