Adam Boulton Loses It With Alastair Campbell Live on Sky News

This extraordinary argument played out live on Sky this evening after Gordon Brown announced that he would be stepping down.  Murdoch owned Sky News hasn’t exactly established itself as a bastion of independent minded analysis during this election but the sight of the political editor of a major broadcaster being drawn into a heated exchange like this is amazing to behold.   You might almost imagine he was angry at the possibility of discussions between Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

4 thoughts on “Adam Boulton Loses It With Alastair Campbell Live on Sky News”

  1. Boulton is a disgrace. He was talking for hours of Tory’momentum’ all day yesterday. He clearly wants Brown, a man he does not like, out, and to have established himself as Britain’s formost Political analyst/correspondant during a Cameron Govt, cosing up to him, no doubt being the first port of call for developments. If Brown has stolen that from him, perhaps, and deprived him of pontificating over his downfall that will be staggered now and much more dignified than he had hoped for. Sky have been incredibly bias during this campaign, clearly not liking that Cameron was slipping. Of course they are desperate to become the Nations leading News organisation, but this, along with the Kay Burley interview the other day, have shown Sky up for what they really are.

  2. adam boulton did well talking to alaistair campbell tonight, another pr member of the labour party. Surely we cannot have another unelected primeminister of the labour seems the only way the labour government can seek any kind of power, through the back door. Adam asked all the right questions and all he had in reply was the labour spin.Well hopefully by the end of the weekend they will spin off never to return.

  3. Anita – in the UK you do not vote for the leader of a party, you vote for your local MP and the party they represent. You need to bear this in mind as that MP could one day become Prime Minister, as we do not have a presidential system.

    The party leader is an MP, who was democratically elected by the people, to server the people.

    To say that a new leader is “unelected” is therefore farcical and completely vapid.

    By your reasoning – every cabinet reshuffle would create “unelected” cabinet ministers because they differ from the shadow cabinet before an election.

    Grow. A. Brain.

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