Roger Godsiff MP and How the Web Roots Out Dirty Tricks

After the TV debate turned the election into a three way contest it was widely predicted that the campaign would enter a tougher phase.  Step forward Roger Godsiff, Labour MP for Birmingham, Sparkbrook & Small Heath MP.  It appears that the MP defending a three way marginal seat is not averse to a dirty trick or two.  

Birmingham blogger Anthony Herron revealed that since the TV debate Godsiff’s campaign has descended into accusing the LibDems of promoting the interests of a series of paedophiles and murderers. This leaflet is so breathtaking that one can only imagine it to be fake, but if we turn to the really rather brilliant a website that publishes election leaflets on the web, nearly all of them in fact, it publishes the same leaflet with details showing it was delivered today.  

So who is this MP, that is so desperate to take the gloves off?   Well the web tells us that too and if we look at his entry on They Work For You we’ll discover that he had the 2nd biggest expense claim of the 2008/09 session at a whopping £189,338.  Nice chap.

2 thoughts on “Roger Godsiff MP and How the Web Roots Out Dirty Tricks”

  1. Hello there.

    Very quickly, my surname has two R’s.

    Also to let you know it was myself that uploaded the leaflet to the straight after someone recommended I should, so its existence on the site doesn’t exactly prove its legitimacy as you’ve suggested. However, I can confirm it is authentic and it’s very well documented that the candidate in question has used similarly dirty tricks in the past. Especially towards Green party candidate Salma Yaqoob.

    If there is any further doubt to its legitimacy I suggest you use Twitter search to identify other residents in the Birmingham area just as outraged as myself who have received the leaflet. Rather than gaining votes, he has no doubt lost many over this, along with any respect.

    1. Anthony, thank you for the clarification and we have corrected the spelling of your name – apologies for that!

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